Real Estate Services

Sales and Acquisitions

Whether it is a large tract of vacant land, a commercial complex or your cherished personal residence, we can assist you with the purchase or sale of property.

Land Subdivision

We have assisted real estate developers for many years. Whether it is a traditional large tract segregation, short plat or rural cluster subdivision, we have the knowledge and background to help.


We have provided the advice and documentation necessary for new condominium projects, conversion condominiums, and non-traditional condominiums such as airplane hangers.

Land Owner Disputes

eLandowners get into disputes over a variety of issues including views being blocked, access to property over roadways, road maintenance issues and so forth. We have worked through many of these property disputes over the years.

Homeowner's Associations

wMany homeowners live in planned residential communities that are governed by an owner's association. Disagreements sometimes occur regarding the legal relationships among the homeowners and between the owner's association and the home owners.


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